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  • Who are we?

    We are Whitney and Bethany Dean (a husband and wife team) from Glass Jar Photography. We're photographers from sweet home Alabama and we currently travel all over the USA shooting weddings through our main company Glass Jar Photography. We recently decided to branch out and start up this little division called Marrow by Glass Jar Photography. This is our "darker" side of shooting...really thriving off of the dark pockets and shadows and shot more documentary style. It has a film camera feel while still having all the benefits of being digital!

    Not only do we shoot weddings and portraits, but here you'll find most of our music related photos/video as well! Stay tuned for big things to come!

Little Lincoln – Family Photography, Huntsville, AL

Meet the cutest/sweetest little boy in the world! Our nephew Lincoln Cruz! My sister asked me to snap a few photos of him and their new family to mark his 9 month birthday. Isn’t he cute?! We went for a short walk and crashed on a blanket right off of a walking trail. He had so much fun…lots of people, doggies, and books to look at so he was quite content! Happy 9 months little man!


xoxo, Bethany

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A New Adventure – Marrow by Glass Jar Photography

Hello everyone! It’s us! Whitney and Bethany Dean from Glass Jar Photography. We’ve been tossing around the idea of creating a new division of our company for a while now, focusing on the “darker” side of photography and a more “filmy” look. Finally…with some of our “time off” (as if we really have time off during wedding season haha) with Labor Day weekend we were able to make it happen! While we still plan to focus on weddings through this division we also plan to shoot for music artist (general media, music videos, on tour, and in the studio) as well. Since music has been such a big part of Whitney’s life, and that part is still growing with his trips to Nashville and songwriting, we felt the need to branch out to better serve that market as well. However we wanted to brand this division differently since the style is much different than what you have seen in the past with Glass Jar. So here it is!…..*drum roll please* Marrow by Glass Jar Photography!! Be sure to check out our very new (yet growing) Facebook Page here! And stay tuned for all things music here as well!


To get started here’s a few quick shots of ourselves that we snapped…and of our sweet fur babies Koti and Keegan!

xoxo Bethany

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